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The most common form of disrepair cases are that of disrepair to either the property or belongings and goods inside of the property.

This includes disrepair to the property itself, which the landlord has not fixed. This could include:

Damage to your belongings, goods or furniture can occur through a variety of avenues. These can include:

Failure to meet this obligation can result in inconvenience, damage to your belongings, personal injury or ill health. If you have suffered as a result of housing disrepair you may be eligible to claim compensation.

We know that making a claim against your landlord can seem daunting and stressful; we are here to help you cut through the confusion and claim the compensation you are owed! You can rest assured that your claim will be handled in a professional and proficient manner.

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Housing Disrepair Claims Learning Centre
What am I entitled to?
Am I entitled to to claim for housing repairs
Your landlord does not have to make improvements to your home. However, they do have an obligation to keep your home safe and in a reasonable state of repair - reflecting the standard of the property at the start of your tenancy agreement...
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How it works
Housing disrepair claims the process explained
Our team of experts can work on your behalf on a no win, no fee basis to ensure that your claim is taken seriously and you obtain the action you require and the compensation you deserve...

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Housing disrepair claims FAQ
We have compiled the answers to some of the most common questions we get asked. If you don't see the answer you need, simply complete our online claim enquiry form to get the answer you need...
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Case Law - Housing Repair Update
Housing disrepair claims case law

Bernard v Meisuria, January 2011 Legal Action, Central London County Court *

Bernard was the tenant of a 5 bedroom house, with his disabled wife and 5 children. Bernard brought a claim for: Rat infestation from 2005 to March 2009, when they moved out. Dampness to one bedroom. Defective wiring. Defective boiler for a briefer period. At trial and on contested evidence between the tenant's Environmental Health Officer and the landlord’s pest control officer and CCTV expert, the Judge found that the rat infestation emanated from drains which were in disrepair. Damages: £20,000 in respect of the Infestation.

Wallace v Manchester City Council (1998) 30 HLR 1111, CA, at 1121 *

The tenant suffered from rotten windows, leaving the rooms cold even when heated, a defective damp proof course causing mould behind an item of furniture, and plaster and skirting loose or fallen off altogether in the bedrooms. In that case the Court approved a global award amounting to roughly 50% of rent.

Earle v Charalambous [2007] HLR 8 *

A 50% award was also upheld in Earle v Charalambous, a case concerning a long leaseholder whose property was inundated with water through up to 20 holes, and whose ceiling collapsed. The landlord argued that the leaseholder’s compensation should be limited to the nominal ground rent. The Court of Appeal upheld damages equivalent to 50% of the rent the leaseholder would have received had the flat been available for rent on the open market in good repair.

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